How to Partner for Weight Loss Support

Tips for Finding and Choosing a Weight Reduction Buddy

Weight loss can be a challenge, since one has to have the time and motivation for reaching a desired weight. One must find the best weight loss program, and this may be determined by cost and physical commitment, including the level of physical activity, such as aerobic exercise.

A weight loss partner can help one find balance and motivation while reaching an ideal weight goal. Before participating in a partnership, one should ask a physician about weight loss, find and communicate with a partner and create a written partnership agreement with specific weight loss goals.

Ask a Physician about Weight Loss

Before partnering with a weight buddy, each partner should visit a physician. A physician can perform a physical examination, which may include laboratory work and imaging tests. Medical tests may provide reasons to monitor weight loss closely. Some health reasons to lose weight may include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension

Each of these health conditions may be carefully monitored, requiring monthly physician visits and medications.

Find a Weight Loss Partner

Partnering with a weight loss buddy can increase individual motivation and encouragement and offers the benefit of having a specific person to contact when feeling unmotivated.

Here are some tips for those seeking a suitable weight loss partner:

  • Check with family and friends about finding a weight reduction partner. They may have used weight partners and can give tips for working with a buddy.
  • Join a weight loss program and listen to other members’ goals.
  • Utilize social networking such as Twitter and Facebook. One may find a good partner ,since weight loss goals may have been discussed.

Communicate with a Weight Loss Partner

Partners should be able to communicate with each partner regularly. Partners have to consider work and life priorities based on family, work and school. It is important to set similar goals, such as losing weight by a specific holiday season.

Communication methods used by each partner may determine the success factor for the partnership. Decide on the best communication methods. Some communication methods include:

  • E-mail contact
  • Telephone contact
  • Face-to-face contact

Write Weight Loss Goals and Make a Partner Document

A weight loss partner document is a simple contract between each partner discussing both short-term and long-term weight loss goals. It provides written motivation and a way to verify that health goals were met.

Finding and choosing a weight loss partner can be an enjoyable experience. One should remember to check with a doctor before finding and communicating with a weight buddy. And partners should write down weight loss goals within a partnership agreement.

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